The cloud and the flower

Brimming with the waters of life,

the cloud rained over the little flower-

And the flower wrinkled.

Nourished by the green earth

the flower reached out for the cloud-

And the cloud disappeared.

Love, sometimes, is cruel.



like a shy bride the

poem hides in the darkness-

awed by its own light.

if by the rain she

blooms and sheds dewdrop tears

whom does the bud love?

the river’s passion

makes the ocean a mad lover-

Salty crescendos.

on the river bank

I sought out your footprints, while

uncertainty sought me.

the sky answers not

earth’s plea for rain-unfulfilled,

the plea breaks earth’s will.

* these are not haiku, some of them don’t adhere to the syllable count.

Let me be

I have no friend, I have no family

the world fails to amaze me;

Your talk is sweet, your words charming;


Can you not let me be?

I am not a poet, I do not see beauty

I am mundane and in that I thrive,

All I want is a little sunshine and drops

of rain….

Can you not let me be?

I have no need for words, I strew them about

carelessly, like my ideas, the vagabonds;

I know no rhyme, nor reason


Can you not let me be?

My world is alive, it is not imagined

I exist because all nature is

for the simple reason- I am not


Can you not let me be?

I know no god nor prince

I know no magic, I have no dream

I’ve learned to give myself


Just to let me be…woman