A city, A song..

I have never lived without music. As a child, I woke up to my Amma singing krithis right from dawn until she finished cooking, packing our lunches and finally pushed us out of the door. My Appa’s prayers were always sung, never spoken (he even wanted to become a playback singer after retirement!). A power cut in the evening would mean long, delicious hours of singing (we would fight for our turns, and you can imagine how long those power cuts were!) Navaratri or New Year’s. my brother would be more than willing to bring out his mridangam and play for me. We played the roles of budding singer and aspiring accompanist with aplomb.  I often played cassettes over and over again to ” learn” the songs.

It is probably no surprise that I had a song for each person I knew. Of course, I had to like them and know them well. Every time I saw them, I would be reminded of the song I had matched them to. The matching had no apparent logic, yet, it made sense. Last evening, while returning home from work, I wondered if I could do it for the cities I have lived in. So, here goes :

Hyderabad-  The city I was born in… One that will always tug at my heartstrings, despite the changes over the years. Here’s to you, dear, dear Hyderabad.

Bangalore- The city that keeps me learning, at every step. This song reminds me of what it is at heart, despite the mad buzz and the frightening traffic; soothing and welcoming.

Delhi – One of the most beautiful cities I been to and lived in. The planning, the architecture, the very European feel to some of its markets, I love a lot of things about this city. Every time I think of Delhi, I think of this song, the cafe at the Alliance Francaise and the long chats with friends and of course, Mad Angles!

Coimbatore – The city I married into, one with a very special charm of its own. It almost does not belong to any state, standing apart in its beauty and old world appeal. This is for you, dear Coimbatore.

Chennai – I have never lived in this city, but I keep going there often to meet family and other engagements. The relationship I share is formal, to say the very least.  Yet, I have a song for it. A very energetic, happy and uplifting song.

Hope you liked listening to the songs! Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday evening! ( Something about songs and play lists turns me into an RJ :P)