Sometimes I wish…

a wedding ring was made of hugs and smiles and not hundred grams of gold.
…that a marriage was measured not in years, but in moments shared.
…romance and sweet nothings took precedence over clearing up and messy living rooms.
…each day, I felt like a new woman that wanted to please her lover, with no routine creeping in.
…all my quirks were accepted as cute, like many years before.
…I were wooed relentlessly and still not won, for am I not the world’s most special being?
…there were no family to remind me of those ugly things called obligations and responsibility.

Sometimes, I wish I were free, with only Love by my side…


Today, Tomorrow, Eternity

I gather moments
through the day; I string
them together with ‘maybe’s and ‘what if’s.
A garland of what was.
As the sun sets, another day passes
yet another bag of memories to stow away.
I know not what Love is, or what it looks like.
Yet at times, the heart is as light
like a baby’s fist in the air.
Random thoughts, Shared smiles
Yes, I seem to have lost it too-
my heart in the tumultuous bazaar.
Ask no questions, for I have no answers;
I feel like the keeper of a million borrowed dreams.
Let’s share some more of this gold-laced sun
and the pregnant pauses of Eternity.
Tomorrow, once more, Love knocks at our door.

Beauty or the lack thereof

When trees work, all we see
are blooms and sweet fruit;
the ocean’s labour is seen
in chalky shells strewn astray;
the oyster is paid, not in pennies
but in iridescent tones of pearl.
Dew hangs to the leaf, in tranquil
stillness at the start of a day;
birds sing to their joys
even as their mouths hold onto grub;
the peacock’s love is a proud dance
on nimble legs, a poem in motion;
Nay, even the lowly dog runs
as swiftly as the gazelle, wide-eyed.
When all nature labours thus
In grace and beauty,as works of art-
Why do men live the way they do,
with wrinkled foreheads and drooping eyes?
Aren’t we Nature’s children too?

Glad to share that this poem won me my very first blog award! Thank you, all my dear friends @ Promising Poet’s CafĂ© for this honour!I am also happy to nominate Ravenblack for the Perfect Poet’s Award, read the poem to know more of its sensitivity and elusive appeal! 🙂
Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and for ALL those comments! Truly, I am on cloud nine!:)