The sun streams in through our skylights. Many spaces in my kitchen and living room are drenched in gold. I sit on my favourite bench in the house, watching the dogs nap. The little one is on her cycle and as I  sip my tea, I  think of all the things I want.

I  want to keep this immaculate home and bake all these wonderful cakes. I want to wake up early and steam fluffy idlies to be eaten with coconut chutney. I want to cook these luscious vegan gulab jamuns. I want to  do vegetable painting with M. I  want to  walk the dogs on unexplored paths of joy. Sigh. I  did do many of these things over the past few weeks. But now I  long for them more than ever.

I long for them because I  have less than  a week of my vacation left! Boohoo. If you ask my husband though, I  have had enough holidays!  And yeah, I  cribbed about my lack of intellectual stimulation while at home, too. So better not to ask him anything!

I want to  be a homemaker. I want to go out to work. I want to earn. I want to  grow things. I want everything, all at once, all together.

Can you tell me how?


4 thoughts on “Blues…

  1. Going by past experience, I would suggest a Ve Ku Sa Mo approach would be the best way of doing this! 😛

  2. I guess it’s hard to have it all at all times, and do it well. But may be you can have different pieces of it some times. I hear you, so much to do in so little time. I slogged all weekend, felt like I was running a race but it was to be in the same place. The day to day business of living is relentless, non-negotiable, unforgiving and inescapable!

    • Tell me about it! The endless list of things that need to be done (whether you are a homemaker or working outside home) is exhausting! But you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? 🙂

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