The kind of things children say!

In a reading class, from a 6 year old: Ma’am, my body is here, but my mind is playing baseball.. Can I take my body along with my mind?

A contribution by a 7 year old to the school magazine : A good teacher must be plump and pretty and never get angry.

A 9 year old to a teacher: Ma’am, you look so pretty today that any man would fall for you!

A 5 year old looking at a broken pipe and water gushing out: Will we all drown? Can I swim home through this right now, because what will my parents do if I drown?

A 6 year old after reading the story “Jack and the Beanstalk” : I don’t like Jack. He’s not hardworking at all!

An 8 year old in his essay on Nutrition: We must not eat junk food like samosas and fries because they are tasty.


Yours and Mine.

When you make a mistake, you are learning from them. When I make one, I am messing things up.

When you scream at me, it is out of deep love. When I do the same, I am being rude.

When you give me advice, you are more experienced. When I suggest something, I am a know-it-all.

When you call me dumb, you are speaking the truth. When I say you are acting dumb, I am being impolite.

When you hide the truth, it is a white lie that does everyone good. When I stop myself from telling the truth, I am being hypocritical.

If I say I am going to do something and do it, I am selfish.

If I do something I did not say I would do, I am being careless.

If a neighbour’s son is rebellious, it is only natural. Plus, it just shows how wonderfully individualistic he is.

When I refuse to do something because I do not like it, I am being stubborn.

When your friend writes a book, he is extremely talented.

When I write a poem, I am wasting my time.

When ABC makes a wall hanging using the Anchor Stitch Kit, she is being delectably creative.

When I make up a song about how wonderful you are, I am trying to impress you.

When XYZ cleans up her boyfriend’s room and cooks wonderful dishes for him, you say she’s such a responsible girl.

Oh she’s a darling. Did you know, she does so much for him?

When I praise my one a little, you say I am such a sucker.

If I wear makeup, you say I am stuck up.

When I do not, you say I have crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Boy, you are beginning to look old. And are those love handles on your waist?

If I watch movies, I am a conformist. When I do not, I am trying too hard to be different.

When I am happy, I am being irresponsible.

When I am sad, I am seeking for attention.

We seem to be in entirely different worlds, don’t we?