I want…


I want honesty, integrity and compassion to greet me wherever I look.

I  want all my prayers answered. I want to heal myself and the world around me. I want to be special : loving and loved. I want to lead by love and different from what the world has seen. I want to be revered and admired. I want a melting heart and a fiery mind. I want courage to stand up for what I believe in. I want balance and song and poetry and trees. I want to live close to Nature and a positive outlook. I want to nurture and to be nurtured. I want peace and the magic of a trusting heart. I crave innocence and simplicity. I want comfort and comfort food. I want to enjoy sleep, food and play all over again, wholly and with the consuming passion I once had. I want to jump and skip and hop and jog. I want to be timeless. I want to be ageless. I want to go beyond what I know of myself. I want everything around me to align itself to the harmony within my soul. Where every snow flake falls in the right place and every word into its right book.

I want to read, to write, to wonder, to inspire, to play and to work at something that gives me total joy. I want complete health and beauty for myself and all those around me and all those I meet. I want relaxation and solitude from time to time, to go within and explore the realms of beauty hidden deep within the nooks of my soul. I want to write with a raw beauty, sing with an innocent voice and soul, smile like it would lift and change the world. I want sweetness and fragility of the right kind : that feeds and nourishes and yields and transcends. I yearn to be out of this world and yet within. I wish for the ideal to come true, for truth to become ideal.I want all these wishes to become prayers and all the prayers to become the truth.

I want to be and have all this and more. I want to be magic and create magic.


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