********************************************** SPOiLER ALERT ********************************************

Kangana I have never done a movie review on this blog before, but something about the movie last night makes me want to note down all that I felt while watching it.  And for the first time in my life , I liked a heroine’s performance in a Hindi film.

Queen starts out as a regular, punjabi song and dance flick, the one we have seen many times over, the kind with four weddings and a funeral. Except that the wedding does not happen. I really liked the realistic portrayal of  Rani (the protagonist)’s disappointment, especially where she pops a sweet into her mouth while brooding over her fate. I mean, has any of us ever stopped eating for more than a day (I ate even on the day my father died!) ?

Rani sweetly decides to go on her honeymoon by herself and lands up in a myriad of adventures. She comes of age, in a foreign land, doing things she would have never thought of before. I could identify myself with all the things that happen to her in Paris : the same feeling of being lost, the same helplessness, the same  village bumpkin in a foreign city thoughts.At this juncture, all the regular clichés were pulled out and the film tends to drag on.  Personally, I felt the extra characters were unnecessary. In fact, the comeback of the fiancé itself seemed a bit trite. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the sensitive portrayal of a conservative, timid girl in even the crappiest of contrived scenes.

One scene that would stay in my mind forever would one of the last ones, where she runs, hops and skips to meet her friends for the concert. It was way too beautiful. Somehow, the whole essence of being a girl seemed to have been captured.  Her innocence, her sense of freedom, her hair flying in the breeze, her skirt : it was perfect. I also liked her sense of style and the fact that none of the scenes were sexed up to “sell”.

It could have been made a lot better, yes. But for now, I’ll take the feel-good factor and do just that :

Feel good. 🙂





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