I was once an evening person. I went for walks in the evenings, I wrote in the evenings, I sat down to meditate under the setting sun. The golden glow of the evening put everything in perspective for me.

While I still enjoy the evenings, I truly relish mornings in Bangalore. Rushing off to class at various times during the mornings, I have gathered a treasure bag of memories that I pick out from time to time and linger over.

Fresh, fragrant filter coffee and ‘Chow chow bath’ (found only in Bangalore) at any of the Sagar joints. 

The flower vendors near Market and Lalbagh. 

The spectacular and blushing morning sun over Cubbon Park and people jogging and walking all around.  

The old-world charm of Basavanagudi and J.C.Road, especially in the mornings. 

Chants and songs from the various temples near Jain College. 

The ‘neelambari’ flowers, spilling onto the roads in Jayanagar. 


The lovely Carnatic music on 100.1 FM, making you feel like a character in an art film. 

School kids on their way. replete with water bottles and overloaded bags. 

The birds that chirp away noisily at Vidyapeetha and the huge trees that make the campus of my work place. 

Indeed, I find mornings so beautiful that I have started waking early of late. If its a passing phase, I want to make the most of it while it lasts and gather many more lovely moments such as these.

So that one day, when my body can no longer go there, my mind just has to reach back within its labyrinths for a trunk full of joy.

[IMAGE COURTESY :  via Google Search for “Sunrise + Cubbon Park”]





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