Yearning.. (Blogathon Post Twenty Five)

She walked.
On the dusty road.
Her clothes were dirty,her feet tired.But her eyes shone with a special joy.
She sat down under the banyan tree,near the village pond.
The tree welcomed her,the waters spoke to her.
On the tree sat the akka kurivi,pining for its sister.
In a short while, giggling girls would go around this very tree, asking the nagadevatas to answer their prayers..
Prayers for the right husband.
Prayers for his long life.
Her eyes gleamed,her soul smiled.
She looked happily at the glinting reflections of her mirrored skirt in the waters.The evening beckoned,almost mesmerisingly.
She belonged to the universe.Free.Innocent.
Suddenly she heard the laughter.Giggling girls.Oiled hair.Colored ribbons.
She belonged to them and yet she didn’t.
She had nothing to live for-no love,no friend,nothing.
And yet she did.
For the soul of the universe was calling her.
Louder and clearer than before.
The seductive call of the earth.
The haunting notes of summer rain.
The wistful ballads of her soul.
Her search for truth would never end.


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