Demain, dès l’aube..(Blogathon Post Twenty Seven)

What is the point of a Blogathon if there is not even one translation? So here is my attempt at translating Victor Hugo’s poem Demain, dès l’aubeThe poem speaks to me. [P.S :I have not stuck to the original word for word.]

Tomorrow, at dawn, when the countryside awakes, 

I will leave; for I know you wait for me;

By the forest, past the mountains, I hurry;

I cannot stay away from you for too long.

As I walk, my mind on my thoughts, 

I see nothing, I hear nothing;

Alone, unknown, with an aching heart and a bent back-

My folded hands, crossed, block out the day.

The gilded evening holds no beauty for me

Nor the distant sails towards Harfleur, 

I will be there soon, to place my flowers

Green  holly and heather, sprinkled with my tears.


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