Thoughts… (Blogathon Post Nineteen)

The trees shook violently to the coaxing of the wild winds.They swayed with an unearthly grace and a terrifying violence.The winds moved her too,as she stood,letting the power of that mighty anger seep over her.
‘Ravage me winds,till all your secrets I know..”

Her feet were restless.Her mind was thirsty.As if in answer to her prayer,the clouds gave up their slumber and come down,pouring in mad fury.She let the rain into every pore of her body,soaking wet.
‘Conquer me waters,till all your secrets I know..”

She was reminded of the previous day,a different day in history,another page of memories.
Memories of a blazing sun streaming into her face,reminding her of her own fire within.
And memories of getting scorched by it.
And the spicy scent of tamarind in the air.
‘Burn me sun,till all your secrets I know..’

No more the endless waits.She was ready,to give up what she knew and learn what she didn’t.
Her passion flamed within her,taking hold of her entire being.Till it evoked all her wild desires.
Of running amok.
Of breaking all bonds.

No more would stories of the unknown suffice.Her exigent mind would accept no more tame tales of what lay beyond.Taming was not for her..
If she had to be untamed to see what the real world was like..then so would it be.

She kept walking.In search of new memories to replace the old.

The lost temple in the woods.
The yellow kite entangled in the neem tree.
The bright mirrors on the village girl’s skirt.
And her muddy feet.
The scent of snakes in the anthill.
The sound of the temple drum.
The color of the sky after a shower.
And the rain drop caught in her eyelashes.
The drunkard’s false promises.
The tangy taste of raw mango.
And the rosy dew on the blushing lotus.
The sound of her own voice,echoed back by the mountains.
And the taste of jackfruit dipped in honey.
And the pleasure of drinking Bovonto(orange flavour)sitting in the small motel down the road.
Watching the ant move up her fingers.
And the feel of tree bark.

And then running away from it all.
In search of a new destination.
Tomorrow would be another journey.

Ravage me wind,
Conquer me waters,
Burn me sun,
Till all your secrets I learn..’


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