The reluctant mother.. (Blogathon Post Twelve)

For Mother’s day!

A young woman
fresh like a new bloom
With the dreams of a thousand lifetimes
Dancing quietly in her eyes..
A visit by a sage
And a boon thus granted;
She held the boon
in her heart
Till it grew heavy and
began to pull her soul down,
Like a secret not to be told.
She yearned to see,
If the boon would work,
If the sage was right,
If dreams could come true.
A slight nonchalance
A sceptic denial
In all folly of youth..
And lo!
Bear she would,
The glory of the Sun.
Even if it burned.
And so she lived-
To see her baby
A hero obscure,
unsung and lowly..
Unable to call him her own-
Her heart was now heavier.


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