Gifted! (Blogathon Post Ten)

Each time I sit down for dinner, I think of a certain group of students. Their gifts adorn my table. Come to think of it, I think of each group of students I have worked with, at least once everyday. That is because tokens of their appreciation are strewn all around my home, which makes me feel so good, every moment of my life. 

One of the earliest gifts that I received when I started teaching was this one,  a painting of a Dancing Ganesha. Symbolic, don’t you think? A gift that heralded an auspicious beginning. 

I was so thrilled with the gift and it is the centre of attraction in my living room, three years later. I have never been able to hang it on the wall, but will definitely do it when we get a home of our own. (You know how it is in a rented place!) Soon after that, on my birthday, students from EFL-U gave me the best birthday ever.. with a surprise cake and a gift. It was too special for words. This is what they gave :

Just a couple of days ago, when the power was out, we lit the candles on this one and had an impromptu candle-light dinner. I cannot describe how much I like it. When I moved , they gave me this Feng Shui elephant, guaranteed to bring wealth and prosperity. Indeed, it did. Not because it was Feng Shui, but because it was given with so much positive thought and goodwill. 

 Many times, I have been surprised as to how students gauge what I like, even when I do not say it explicitly. Like one of my corporate groups. They sent a lovely card and a book store voucher in my name to the Alliance Française! It came as a surprise and I was simply overwhelmed. This is what I bought from that voucher, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 


There were two other groups that gave me vouchers, unfortunately, I do not have the pictures. I will always remember it, although , have it written in my journal. I have received pens and clothes too! Sometimes, I get shocked too , like when I am gifted kitchen items, see the set of the small pickle holders below! The shock is short-lived, however and when I look back at the thought behind the gift, I am rendered speechless. 

The vase was a gift too, from the same group. Once, I was gifted a photo of the whole group with me, nicely framed. It hangs just outside my study now. What a lovely way to make sure everyone is remembered! 

I received this one recently, the pen with the gold trimmings. Is it not lovely?

All this , without counting gifts I have received from family and friends over time. And the countless cards and notes and e-mails.  So from me to you, 

I cherish every little thing that you send my way. I really do.  🙂 


3 thoughts on “Gifted! (Blogathon Post Ten)

  1. its not we (students), present u what u like…
    ur r so good person to accept and treasure each one of those gifts with love and care 😀

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