My best friends…(Blogathon Post Eight)

Just a few years ago, I knew nothing about four-legged furry creatures. I did love animals and enjoyed watching documentaries on National Geographic but my first-hand experience of living creatures was limited to plants and flowers. I loved stories by Gerald Durell and always dreamed of having a dog at home, but my mother would not hear of it. I loved visiting my aunt in Chennai, whose home was full of animals, chaos and love. ( Read this post to get an idea. )I even think my home today resembles hers, which is a good thing. A very good thing. So the first thing I did after I got married was to get home two naughty puppies.

I learnt to feed them, clean up after them and worry when they were sick. My life changed, almost overnight. I now had two friends who were always there for me wagging their tails each time I came home. I have told them everything.. my joys, my failures, my darkest secrets. I have sung lullabies for them and have dressed them up in bows.  I usually value my personal space, but with my dogs, they are free to use my bed and sometimes my lipstick. (Okay, the last thing is a joke, don’t freak out!)

Candid Camera 3.. :)

As if all the chaos was not enough,  a year ago, a tiny little one wrapped herself around my legs and did not want to let go. Yes, she came home too.  People ask me, why three dogs? Frankly, I do not know. It is like asking a mother, why do you have two kids, when one is enough? They just happened and I do not regret it. In fact, my life is so much happier with these three around. To prove it, here are some valuable things I learned from my dogs.

Candid Camera. :)

LOVE : Well, they do anything for food, but I would do anything for their love. Each time I come back home, I receive the same warmth, the same affection, the same “where-were-you-i-missed-you-so-much” look.

LAUGHTER : Each day,  our dogs do a new funny thing. We talk about it, we laugh. Like how our labrador waits at the door once he has made up his mind to go on a walk. Or my german shepherd that used to stand on two feet in the balcony and ogle at girls ( No, that is NOT a joke! ). Or how Lulu snuggles under my husband’s arm in exactly the same way that I do. I think she gets jealous of me. (If you knew my husband, I think you would, too!) Life is all about these lighter moments, isn’t it? Thanks to our dogs, our days are full of them.

LETTING GO and LIVING IN THE PRESENT : Dogs do not hold grudges. They do not remember how you treated them yesterday; they only care about today. Right here, right now, I lick you, you hug me and all is fine. Seems like the perfect theory of happiness to me.

So that is why I have three of them.

Because you can never have too many friends.

They make my life so much happier! Just can't seem to get enough of them! From left : Lulu, Pichkoo and Chikoo. :)


6 thoughts on “My best friends…(Blogathon Post Eight)

  1. Dogs are best friends of human beings, you forget the world with them and they love you without any selfishness nor anything in their mind…

  2. One correction! You did not bring them home after marriage! We did! But yes, I don’t think we can ask for better children or better company or better cushion/slipper/lipstick/mobile phone chewers than these three! 😛

  3. they don care hw u treated them yesterday… today is all dat matters.. so true…
    hope we can always be so forevr 🙂

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