A refreshing meal for a summer evening! (Blogathon Post Two)

I would not call myself a great cook, not even a good cook; yet, when the mood strikes I like making myself (and for my husband!) some comfort food, with lots of colour and soul.  Food, I believe, should be soothing and make you forget the travails of the day. Unless it is a very special meal, I do not like to spend hours in the kitchen either. 

Last night, I was in one of ‘those’moments. Almost Zen. I was at peace with my kitchen. Before I wax eloquent about my weird states of being, let me begin. I put together a very ‘summery’meal, with vegetables in season. It had a lot of  cooling ingredients and just took me a little less than an hour to make. To top it all, it was low in calories too!  Once again,I repeat, I am not a  passionate cook, so what I present here is going to be really simple. As simple as A-B-C. ;).

Now for the menu :

Cucumber Mango Salad, Tomato Raita, Mango Peas Rice and for dessert, fresh fruit and Mosambi juice (sugar free!) . 

For the salad, I chopped one cucumber (for two people) and half a mango (Totapari.. the tangy mango in season, yumm!) . I decorated the salad plate with a cut tomato, stuffed with pieces of mango and coriander. 

For the tomato raita, I added chopped tomatoes to a bowl of fresh curd, with salt to taste and chopped coriander for garnish. No frills, no fuss!

For the main dish, the mango-peas rice, I used one totapari mango (grated) and fresh peas (now in season!). I sautéed the peas, mustard, finely chopped chillies, jeera, haldi and a little moong dal and added it to cooked rice. The grated mango was added to the rice with salt  and voilà! Ready to eat! You can make it with brown rice, if you so wish, to make it more wholesome. 

No meal in summer can be complete without juice or ice-cream. I did not want to eat ice-cream, as it was fattening, so I squeezed the juice out of two sweet mosambis and added a dash of lemon juice. I did not add any sugar, the mosambis were tasty enough! 

There! Does it not look the perfect dessert to a simple yet refreshing meal? Do try out the menu and make sure it is served well too – like my sister used to say, “Presentation is the life of any meal!” So there, infuse some life into your dinners and enjoy the summer… It is one of my favourite seasons! 


4 thoughts on “A refreshing meal for a summer evening! (Blogathon Post Two)

  1. no offence..
    previous 1 was gud in fact awesme… my imagination moved along da lines..
    could feel hw u felt (only Guess not sure)
    but this did not make me feel anything.. probably i was still stuck in sme of those beautiful evenings…

    Eagerly waiting fr da next post of this BLOGATHON 🙂

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