A long time ago, in a stuffy hot classroom with minuscule chairs, a little girl in pigtails made a painting about her favourite season: summer. Watermelons, floral umbrellas, soda, the works! The heat of the sun was a soother, contrary to what her little bench mates thought. Perhaps the thought of the month long vacations attracted her, for no one loved lazing around better than her!
How much the girl has changed over the years! Today, if I am asked about my favourite time of the year, I would reply, without a second thought, Winter. The reasons are many,
I am a winter baby.
I can wear trendy woollens.
My skin stays in top shape.
I do not sweat a lot, while in summer I am practically drenched!
It is the time for hot pongal, peppered with a few gleaming cashew nuts peering out of curry leaved canopies.
It is the season when I wear my wedding silks with aplomb, who cares if I look twenty years older!

The reasons above, are just that, reasons. In other words, they are not THE reason, you understand? Why I truly, really just LOVE the winter and the month of December, is because of Christmas and Margazhi. I find it overwhelmingly beautiful that the festivities for Christmas and the holy month of prayer and love, Margazhi, both begin at around the same time. My childhood and adolescence are filled with sweet memories of listening to the Tiruppavai on the radio, with the waft of ghee spreading though the crisp coldness of the weather, hours at school and college preparing for competitions like crib making and collages and returning home to attend the special concerts organized at the local temple. Each day was just more beautiful than the one before. Even the exams in January could not deter me from the euphoria I felt.
And that is why, even today, listening to the Tiruppavai or feeling the winter air against the face, can evoke only one reaction : Pure bliss.
I look forward to the music, the exhilaration and the joyous spirit that only winter can bring.
Carols and Tiruppavai.
Cake and Pongal.
Baby Jesus and Krishna.
Gowns and Pattu Pavadais.
English plays and veenai concerts.
Notes and Swaras.
New beginnings and auspicious endings.
Love and Joy!

I cannot wait any longer. Bring on December, real fast! 🙂


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