Beauty and the Beast

I admit, the glitz and glamour attract me. Pictures of hot models, slick hairstyles..ah! Life at its best. I see all that and enter, feeling totally good about myself, my “beautification” guaranteed, after all,I had just forgotten my vow to myself, that of never entering a beauty parlour ever again!

Now brews trouble.
“How may I help you?”
Help is not the word, dear, it is condescension. In any case,
“I am looking for a haircut. Just a haircut.”
“Of course Ma’am. Are you looking for a change in style?”
“Well, perhaps..”
So far, so good.
I am taken to a plush recliner for a hair wash. My back sinks in. I relax, ready to be pampered. As the shampoo soaks, eyes closed, I hear a voice,
“Your hair is so rough Ma’am, do you want to try one of our hair packs?”
I appreciate your business acumen love, but did you really have to burst my bubble that way?
The voice continues, ” And an exfoliation for the whiteheads on your face.”
Yes, its the whiteheads now, after the blackheads. Wonder how they exfoliate redheads?
“The pollution has wreaked havoc on your skin. The pores are all clogged. Would you like a facial?”
Of course. Pollution. Lack of care. Clogged pores. Wonder why I never seem to find anything wrong when I get dressed each morning?
“Um.. no. JUST a haircut.”
I don’t feel all that good now. Was it just me or do all beauty salons work hard to rob you of all good feelings about your hair/skin/body? It would be so nice to have a parlour with some lovely quotes on beauty all over .. and a lady who says, “Wow, such beautiful skin, ma’am. I’d definitely recommend a facial to retain this glow!” would win my heart any day rather than the one who circles and labels my pimples like an anatomy diagram! Perhaps its vanity.. or that I am easily flattered, but hey, I would leave the place feeling on top of the world! Isn’t that what beauty is all about,ultimately?

Sigh, I vow, for the umpteenth time, to never step into another beauty salon again!


3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I so agree with you! I have 2 weeks to go but haven’t stepped into the parlour yet. These people have no diplomatic way of saying things. And Hey! even if my skin is filled with pimples, your facial is not going to make it any better 😛

  2. This is the exact feeling every girl feels but dare not say anything, as they don’t want to be labeled as fussy or cranky……

    I agree with Summer Rain that, the choice of words matters a lot..since we are the person who ends up paying so much and hear all our physical faults…… I believe very few individuals, apart from the glamour industry takes care of their skin, hair so much, as they show it to us..After all the hard day’s work, all you want is a splash of cold water on your face and a cozy blanket to slid in………

    Well narrated……

  3. @ Prabha : You’re lucky it’s me on the other end. Had it been any other ‘normal’ girl, she’d have freaked out at your attitude!!!
    @ Preeti : I agree totally! For people in the glamour industry, it’s a job. They HAVE to do it. For the rest of us, it’s choice.. which we often forget.. We think men want us to look that way, but that’s not true. We let men think that way. Like you say, at the end of a long day all we need is a splash and rest. And we deserve to be. We work hard too! 🙂 One cannot look glam all through the day.

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