Today, Tomorrow, Eternity

I gather moments
through the day; I string
them together with ‘maybe’s and ‘what if’s.
A garland of what was.
As the sun sets, another day passes
yet another bag of memories to stow away.
I know not what Love is, or what it looks like.
Yet at times, the heart is as light
like a baby’s fist in the air.
Random thoughts, Shared smiles
Yes, I seem to have lost it too-
my heart in the tumultuous bazaar.
Ask no questions, for I have no answers;
I feel like the keeper of a million borrowed dreams.
Let’s share some more of this gold-laced sun
and the pregnant pauses of Eternity.
Tomorrow, once more, Love knocks at our door.


3 thoughts on “Today, Tomorrow, Eternity

  1. Just what I needed. Sometimes joy does seems to vanish and lots of doubts invade the heart. I look for beautiful things to give me some comfort. Thanks for your poem.

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