Beauty or the lack thereof

When trees work, all we see
are blooms and sweet fruit;
the ocean’s labour is seen
in chalky shells strewn astray;
the oyster is paid, not in pennies
but in iridescent tones of pearl.
Dew hangs to the leaf, in tranquil
stillness at the start of a day;
birds sing to their joys
even as their mouths hold onto grub;
the peacock’s love is a proud dance
on nimble legs, a poem in motion;
Nay, even the lowly dog runs
as swiftly as the gazelle, wide-eyed.
When all nature labours thus
In grace and beauty,as works of art-
Why do men live the way they do,
with wrinkled foreheads and drooping eyes?
Aren’t we Nature’s children too?

Glad to share that this poem won me my very first blog award! Thank you, all my dear friends @ Promising Poet’s Café for this honour!I am also happy to nominate Ravenblack for the Perfect Poet’s Award, read the poem to know more of its sensitivity and elusive appeal! 🙂
Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and for ALL those comments! Truly, I am on cloud nine!:)


35 thoughts on “Beauty or the lack thereof

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  2. I love that drop, I usually love the slow motion video of a drop dropping from green leaves to the pond below and the waves which are created, in circles they spread and disappear. It’s beautiful, just like your poem.

  3. Very thoughtful!!! The thing is..we are used to this mechanical life .. and are becoming more mechanical… no honest pleasures..I suppose..

    Nice poem 🙂


  4. This is really good. I loved this line: “Nay, even the lowly dog runs as swiftly as the gazelle, wide-eyed.” I have subscribed to your Blog, I am also nominating you for Perfect Poet Award.. —

    Cheers~ Jen

  5. A truly lovely poem.
    Why do men live the way they do,
    with wrinkled foreheads and drooping eyes?

    The same question that has been asked from Bharathi and perhaps even older times.

    Aren’t we Nature’s children too?

    Yes and if we do not deny our birth and our roots from the humble earth, then we become free.

  6. We people have our moments, don’t we?

    Besides, nature has it’s ugly side as well as the beautiful one.

  7. @Madhumathi: Thank you and do keep coming back! 🙂
    @ Jennyrey : Thanks for nominating my poem, it is indeed an honour. I am so thrilled to have so many visitors!
    @ Just Coop it : Thanks so much! Will surely check out your poetry too, thanks for the invite! 🙂
    @ Dan,Teri, Catie and Becca : Yet another grand merci! And keep coming back!
    @ Agni, your comment means a lot of me. Rest in person. 😛
    @Virtual Sinner : Definitely. Not all Nature is beautiful/kind. Just that sometimes as humans, we tend to concentrate more on our miseries rather than making an attempt to create something beautiful, this was just one way of looking of it; one poem to talk about a single perspective. I could write it the other way too. 🙂

  8. RYN: Thank you so much.
    This is so lovely. If only humans would stop trying to conquer nature and learn that we need to live in harmony with it all, we might not be in such a huge mess as the world seems to be in this past few years.
    Beautifl thoughts and expressed so well.

  9. My first visit to your blog…so sunny and beautiful. Your poem is touching yet strong. I believe that our Creator wants us to be happy yet we seem to look for things to make us sad. Thanks for reminding us that we only have to look to nature to see the beauty and joy of life.

    Thanks for visiting me, too. Hugs, pat

  10. I don’t have the gift of being able to appreciate poems – normally i find them too abstruse – but this is beautiful,there’s almost an eternity in these 19 odd lines , it is deep ,subtle and lucid ,all at the same time.

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