The aching heart

 If  I were to be born again, 

I’d want to be your first love;

I’d want to make you giddy

with the tremors of passion;

There would not be need

to ‘learn to love’, or the promise 

of odds and ends, quite seductive;

maddening love is what I hope

to evoke in you, in another life.

my earthy beauty replaced 

by a form more alluring;

I’d dazzle and scintillate

not soothe and blend, like I am today.

Another life, another day,

I’d be the first woman you knew;

your eyes would spot me in a crowd

Desire and madness would rule, 

not the duty and acceptance of today.

Another life.

Another day.

And that’s a promise I’ll keep. 


One thought on “The aching heart

  1. Be you a river, a stream, an ocean or a drop
    all your life flows unto my lap
    Be I a rock, a field, an island or the world
    I shall merge unto your depths.

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