The High School Boy

Each year, newspapers carry articles on how the girls have outperformed the boys in the board exams. This is easy to understand : Girls work harder, are less distracted by sports and the opposite sex and usually, ” want to please.” They are conscientious about school work and are motivated to do well. The average school boy on the other hand, battles between his thirst for knowledge and his need to appear “cool”.  He does not want to “study” for an exam, he’ d rather “get” what he has to know well.  But how is this boy in class? What motivates him to do well? Over the years,  these are the few things I have observed,

  • Boys bring a sense of adventure into the class. Their questions, to a large extent, are vague, the teacher is forced to step into unexplored territory.
  • They wouldn’t do anything just because you asked them to. It has to be challenging enough for them to take up and follow through.
  • Many a time, girls develop an aversion for the teacher who treats them badly or has an irritating quirk. Boys deal better with these : they are good at ignoring what they don’t like.
  • A large majority are not interested in maintaining ” notes” . If they feel they’ve understood the concept, they are happy.
Perhaps the final scores do not reflect their  ” joie d’ apprendre” (joy of learning) , but they need to be thanked for all the joy along the way, during the process of learning, opening out newer vistas and exploring unchartered territory. If his distractedness can be channelized in the right way, the average high school boy can surely give his teacher a lesson or two, on the right way to teach.


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