Life’s Lessons

Over the years, many have tried to teach me things. They have tried to impart “wisdom”, that is not sold on the streets. Little things that I ought to know, little things that could “transform”my life. While I followed a few of these nuggets of “good advice”wholeheartedly, some actually made me sadder, but not wiser. There’s a lot of it that I do not subscribe to, even today. Yet, there are two people who have actually changed my life’s course, in their own special way, without giving any of those prized “constructive”advice. These are two men, who are extremely important in my life, they have influenced greatly the way I think. They have made a difference, just by being there. I have used two different colours to differentiate between them; I do not want to reveal who they are as this space is too frivolous for confessions of that kind.  Here are a few things that I learnt from them:

Do not ever feel sorry for anyone, by doing that, you assert your own superiority. Act on what you feel, do not shrug off by saying “Oh, poor soul!”

Always make sure your time is wisely spent, doing something, Sloth is an enemy that can destroy lives and families, even worse than drink.

Give as much as you can to those in need, all our lives are connected.

Poetry and literature have enormous power over our thoughts and actions, so keep reading.

Always make sure you are dressed in your best, success is attracted to people who look good.

Lungfishes are the oldest species of fish in the world.

Life is too short to worry about people who do not matter, let them go and free yourself.

Always follow your dream and live an authentic life, despite what others around you say.

Watch what you say, for your thoughts are formed through your words. Choose to speak positive.

It is never late to express yourself, to hug more and to kiss more. After all, we have but one life.

I am sure I have a lot more to learn from the one I have quoted in red, and I look forward to it. Life is made richer because I have him with me.


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