Ranga’s day off.

He who sleeps in the sanctum
is he awake yet?
scores of his loved ones have gathered
already in the temple yard;
Oh! their cries deafen my ears!

Ranga, dear one, do wake up!
vaikunta ekadasi comes but once
Shrug off this slumber
and wear your best robes;
hurry now, they have work to do!

The dark one did rise;
and wear his gold and smile;
“Adi”, he said, “take me to our tree”;
Adi refused, today was not the day, he said
but who could resist His lotus-eyed charms?

Under  his tree, our Lord slept,
Adi keeping careful vigil;
Ranga, won’t they come looking, he whispered.
He smiled, Yashoda’s darling, Radha’s beloved;
Trust me, dear Adi, they will not.


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