A lullaby..

Sleep well, my baby, the night has come.

the fragrance of jasmine fills the air

while my heart makes up dreams for you.

no, you will not be a princess-

no matter how hard you try;

and yes, not an enchantress too

for those are roles thought out too long ago.

Tonight you will  be a confused butterfly,

wearing colours that do not go with you.

Gaudy, tasteless blobs of hue.

Tonight  you will be an unborn smile

hidden in the darkness of your skin,

a gloom that is your death, and yet, your life.

Tonight you will be the queen’s nightmare

of failed vows and ugly robes

Tonight, you will be you, my child..


Here comes the night…


2 thoughts on “A lullaby..

  1. Lovely poem! The melancholy of the first half leaves your heart sinking…and the sliver of darkness at the end, pierces it with a chill that I dare not speak of.

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