Cute or not, here I come

I am not a movie buff. In fact, the very idea of sitting through three hours of “simulated wonders “tires me. Give me gossip about the couple next door, and I am all game. Ask me out for a movie, and you’d think I was the most boring woman on earth.

I am not a great writer (hadn’t you guessed already?), I am already off track. I do want to talk about “How/What cinema makes me feel”. All I want to make is a simple observation: Of late, South Indian cinema has seen a host of new heroines, trying to make their “mark” (wonder how, when they can barely act!) in the industry. One trait binding them all in unholy matrimony, is that they are all “cute”. A bunch of happy-happy, sweety-sweety, idle creatures, who cannot see beyond the raindrop clinging to the leaf or the twinkle twinkle little star. Before I get pigeon-holed into a “jealous bitch “, let me explain. I have nothing against these acts, after all, it does look “cute”. However, I am also left with the question “Is that what men/boys/whatever look for?”

Let me analyze a bit. A cute* girl, to me, seems more like an object than a person. Someone who’s always upbeat and giggly must either have no heart or probably uses very little of it. Being sad is an emotion that can bring your mind so many deep insights. Isn’t this “cute” person missing it all? To the man, the “cutie” entertains, nothing more. He is amused with her, he finds her antics heart-warming- in short she means no more to her than the puppy that welcomes him each day. Always happy, always upbeat. She is no more a person than the doll that closes its eyes when you put it down. She is but an “object of pleasure”.

Au contraire, the quieter, sadder woman unnerves the man. He does not know what to do with her. He feels cheated, he wonders if he had been given a raw deal. Obviously, if she cannot make him happy, she is not worth it. Instead of taking him away from the cruel world (of money, chores and trivialities), she brings him closer to it, reminding him each day of the mundaneness of it all. She starts to get more “real”, more of a person that he has to talk to and treat like an equal, rather than the “cute” thing, whom he could shrug off saying “She does not know the world”. The woman is his entertainment, his relaxation, she should never be a part of the “real” world that he deals with everyday.

Point is, women still act and get treated like objects. Because that is how the men want it.

Perhaps, the women themselves too.

*: I make no reference to individual natures here, just expressing myself on the general trend.


5 thoughts on “Cute or not, here I come

  1. Well said. And the title was, forgive me for using the word, cute. 😀

    Being sad is an emotion that can bring your mind so many deep insights. Well said – this one. After all the deep insights, comes the deep understanding coupled with some level of acceptance. And then, with that comes a little peace and then joy in little things.

    When I compare this to the airheads, I feel the airheads reach there via an easy route. Can’t help feeling jealous there. But yeah.. they miss the beauty of the journey.

    And the male mind, skewed in all glory, wants redemption from reality, seeks comfort in the fact that there are beings dumber than itself. So, it perpetuates the theory of “I like cute airheads”.

    oh gal.. too long a comment. Kindly excuse..

  2. @ Citric Acid : This blog has not seen a long comment in a while, so thank you! I wouldn’t want to generalise, there is atleast one cute egghead to every cute airhead! But yes, I really feel women should stop “thinking” of themselves as objects first.. we’ve been conditioned to please; to compromise, to give in. All that has to go..

    @ Bhargavi : I took the liberty of republishing your comments from Facebook, hope that’s okay. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 The problem is also with how you define the word “intelligent” , I suppose…

  3. Intelligent conversations, company apart… there is one thing that a cute girl cannot ever offer a man. That vision of a soft tragedy which can arrest the swift running flow of life and hold him captive filling his goblet with melancholy.

    But then, most times in the headlong rush of life, we (men) do not pause to smell, inhale and sip our wine. No wonder bubbly beer sells well.

    P.S. Instead of taking him away from the cruel world (of money, chores and trivialities), she brings him closer to it In my experience it is the bubbly ones who bring men closer to life. The deeply sad ones tend to elevate. Besides, mundane is what the mind is, not life, not a lover.

  4. And I remember someone telling me I would have a hard time getting a girlfriend if I don’t like silly giggles and icecreams! 😛 That apart – if one were to agree to the fact that Movie is ONLY for entertainment and if “Cute” = Entertainment, then why not? For a true movie connoisseur, there are movies of that calibre too – take for instance HeyRam, KurudhiPunal, Iruvar, AyuthaEzhuthu, TareZameenPar, Godavari, etc..

  5. @ agni : I agree with the statement that it is the mind that makes anything boring…
    @ Mighty Titan : Hehe, 😛 Sorry thambi, thappa sollitten!! You are right, there are movies of all kinds, I was only referring to the “run-of-the-mill” kinds… I guess, like you said, they are meant to be that way! 🙂

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