Of Wisdom and Reason

My paths have been weary,

and I am tired-

Kind souls offer a drink

but isn’t the river close by?

I do not know where he lives,

he that stole my heart and spoke

enticing words, I was his bride

And he, my Lord.

My saree lies crumpled

at my feet, my soul is bare

and yet, why is there not a drop

to drench my parched heart?

At the fair, she asked her love

for red flowers, yet another asked

for trinkets in gold- all I wanted

was the warmth of his embrace.

The lone tree yonder

where the parrot couple lives;

mocks at my ignorance

Can’t you hear me sing?

Days pass and so do nights

my tired eyes follow my heart

In their quest for unseen light

and unredeemed love.


5 thoughts on “Of Wisdom and Reason

  1. Via Facebook: Bhargavi Gogula commented on your Note “Of Wisdom and Reason”:

    “J’aime l’intensité encore. ;)”

  2. Just read this again. Stunning poem. The arrangement in itself is so evocative – leave the subject matter and words aside. If I could write one poem like this, I would die gladly. 🙂

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