Nauka Charithram

What a treat the past two days have been! After yesterday’s Koodiyattam, I attended a Kuchipudi recital performed by one of my students, with others from her dance school. The different pieces were, of course, brilliantly performed; although it was the music that had me spellbound. Their choices of krithis was impeccable.  I have listed them here. The shower of words spoken in pure Telugu was also a blessing, I must add.

Sringarinchukoni vedaliri  in Ragam Suruti by Thyagaraja

This particular piece is apparently from the Nauka Charithram by Thyagaraja, I learnt that only today. The lyrics are sensuous and appealing and lend themselves perfectly to the dance form. I could not listen to Nauka Charithram anywhere online, but the next time I go to Landmark, I know what to look for.

Thakkuvemi manaku in Ragam Saurashtra by Ramadasa

I have always loved Ramadasa kritis for their sheer simplicity and the element of bhakti, so melodiously put forth. But this piece was just sublime! The song outlines the dasavatars and their lives. The performers brought it out very nicely as well. In fact, I had goose bumps by the end of the piece. It was truly a treat.I want to learn to sing it as well. I have not always believed in it, but it is true that God, or how we see Him/Her lies completely in the hands of the artist. The artist IS God..

Bho Sambho shiva sambho swayambho in Ragam Revathy by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

No dance recital can be complete without the portrayal of Nataraja, in all his glory. Once again, I stood awed at the power of the artist to infuse such energy and wild passion into the Lord of Dance. Without the song, without the dancers, would the Nataraja ever appear to be as He is : wild, passionate, graceful… ?

I accept today, without Art, mankind does not, and cannot exist.


3 thoughts on “Nauka Charithram

  1. Lovely post from the heart. While I cannot comment on the performance, for I was not there, I can say a certain writer that I know very well, is slowly appearing out of her cave again! 🙂

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