khajuraho1This evening, at the temple fair,

I wanted you to notice, my love,

the beads of sweat trickling 

down my stomach and the kohl-smeared

blackness of my eyes, caught unawares

As I bargained for a trinket.


I wondered if your arms smelled

like the land you tilled, fragrant in its fullness,

your smile made my heart beat faster, enraptured.

My feet, covered with dust, scurried along-

Wanting to touch yours, toe to toe.


My skin, brown like the face of the earth,

throbbed like the barren one, dearest,

waiting for the rain; my bosom heaving

to the pulse of the breeze; so now I ask 

shamelessly onto your face, my love…


Will you be my rain?

Would your love engulf my body even as your eyes do my soul?

Answer me, Don’t my lips speak desire?


2 thoughts on “Longing…

  1. Raw, sensuous. I cannot get the rhythm here, when reading it aloud, assuming that it is free verse.

    Somehow more than the structure of it, I suppose the content is vital here…

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