Shades of a life


I was born in a swirl of various hues. The artist’s touch brought me to life. Suddenly, from an amorphous blob of ambiguity, I turned into a definitive stroke. A dab of colour on a plain canvas. What was I supposed to mean?

The halo of golden light around the sun.
Or the vermilion dot on a woman’s face.
The dark gray of a rain cloud
Or the shadow of a baby’s foot
The aqua in the ocean’s waves
Or the liquid eyes of an elephant.

Beyond all those, I am colour. Colour that brings the world to life. I drip from your soul, you can see me if you look closely.

The flaming red of your passion.
The carefree yellow of your youth.
The unflickering blue of your ideals.
And the endless green of your dreams.

I drip, I spill, I make a mess of your soul. I drench every nook with my ever changing moods. I have no boundaries, I can travel anywhere. I can be anything you want me to be. My nature is transient, my core eternal. My potential is limitless. I weave myself into the intricate knots of your being. I am reborn in multitudes everyday.

I am Beauty, Thought, Expression.
I am Colour.


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