Nadanamakriya is one of my favourite ragams, after Vasantha and Saveri. It is a janyam of the melodious Mayamalavagowlai. I remember the first song I listened to, in this ragam: ye theeruga nanu daya choochedavo..a kriti by Bhadrachala Ramadas. Very soulful, a heart wrenching plea. I also love all compositions by Ramadas, so this one was sheer bliss.

Another famous song in this ragam is Karunajaladhe dasarathe , a beautiful kriti by Saint Thyagaraja. When you close your eyes and listen to it, you can feel the music seeping to your very core. Another merit? It is one of the Divya Nama kritis, which are very sweet compositions. They only talk about love for the Lord and nothing else.

No discussion about Nadanamakriya can be complete without Bhajaswa sree tripura sundareem , a masterpiece by Oothukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer. It is one of his Navavarna kritis. I love the lyrics in this kriti, they are extremely beautiful.

I absolutely love the ragam. Here’s a haiku I wrote for her. 🙂

The bud bloomed out pink
A crystal-clear inward glance,
Self recognition.

Links :
Bhajaswa Sree Tripura Sundareem..
Ye Theeruga Nannu
Bombay Jayashree
Karuna Jaladhe


16 thoughts on “Nadanamakriya

  1. I’m not even a novice when it comes to identifying ragas but is “Kanne Navamaniye ” by BJ in this raga ….such a nice lullaby and fitting rendition

  2. I’m not very good at identifying many ragas myself, i can only get ragas I like. :-)Haven’t heard the song, will listen to it sometime.

    P.S: I do hope BJ refers to Bombay Jayashree?

  3. It is.. 🙂 Am listening to it.. Thanks for bringing this beautiful song to me.. it is such a lovely melody and i especially love lullabies.. they seem like a poetic way of expressing the mother’s love for the child..

    thank you once again..:)

  4. I could be late on this but 2nd stanza (ulandu) of “shrichakra raja” is in nadanamakriya. I recommend maharajapuram santhanam’s version. a true classic!

  5. Another very very popular song in this raga is ‘daasana maadiko yenna’ popularised by none other than M.S.S. This is the composition of karnataka sangeeta pitamaha Purandaradasa. You should listen to this song rendered by M.S.S and literally it brings tears in your eyes. She used to sing this with so much of devotion.

  6. Nadanamakriya is one superb ragam! 🙂

    My favourite composition in this ragam has to be Dasana Maadiko Enna (Purandara Dasa).

    I came to this post via a Vakulabharanam -> Mayamalavagowla -> Nadanamakriya sprint 🙂

  7. @ techrsr : 🙂 Welcome! It is indeed a beautiful raagam, soul-stirring. If ragams had nationalities, this would be japanese : simple yet soulful and full of beauty.

    I love that composition too!

    P.S: No matter where you came from, keep coming back! 🙂

  8. you missed one more krithi by swathi thirunal in the very same raga.
    It has been sung and popularised by MS amma.and the song is JAGADISA tala Adi.but it’s starting is quite different it starts like “Yogijabta”

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