The kind of things children say!

In a reading class, from a 6 year old: Ma’am, my body is here, but my mind is playing baseball.. Can I take my body along with my mind?

A contribution by a 7 year old to the school magazine : A good teacher must be plump and pretty and never get angry.

A 9 year old to a teacher: Ma’am, you look so pretty today that any man would fall for you!

A 5 year old looking at a broken pipe and water gushing out: Will we all drown? Can I swim home through this right now, because what will my parents do if I drown?

A 6 year old after reading the story “Jack and the Beanstalk” : I don’t like Jack. He’s not hardworking at all!

An 8 year old in his essay on Nutrition: We must not eat junk food like samosas and fries because they are tasty.


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