Fuelled by a million man made wings of fire,
the rocket tore through the sky,
and everyone cheered.

Fuelled only by the thought from God,
the tiny seedling urged its way
through the thickness of black,
and as it pierced the heavy ceiling of the soil,

and launched itself into outer space





This was a poem in my third standard Gulmohar English Reader. I remember being awed by it, especially the last few lines. I even remember a question based on this poem, “Why do you think the last sentence is broken up into one word per line? What does the poet want to convey?”. Lines from this poem used to often run in my mind, but I could never find the entire poem. I was really happy to find it today, aimlessly googling. 🙂 The author is unknown..I wish I could see him/her and give my thanks for this sensitive piece of poetry. This poem is as touching to me today as it was then.


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