She settled down to a long nap after the afternoon meal. Stretching her limbs languorously, she slipped in to deep sleep. The sun blazed, making the green leaves wilt. There was an occasional rustle of dried leaves when someone chose to turn over in bed. She stirred lightly, looked around with eyes half-open, to make sure all was well. Mother was nearby, so she had nothing to fear.

She started to play a game: find the sun. She closed her eyes and moved her head from side to side, trying to find out where exactly the sun was. She stopped, and looked up. Sure enough, there he was, the big ball of light, shining right into her eyes. She went back to sleep, content. She was getting bored of the game, anyway. Imagine, born this morning, and bored of the sun already!

The sky was darkening, she could feel it within her eyes. She slowly opened them, looking around with panic. What was happening?

Why is everybody up? Is something bad going to happen?

She tried to close her eyes and play her game again. She moved her head from side to side, and opened them. The sun was not shining into her eyes now; he seemed to have moved a little. How would she know? His light had become so feeble now.

Is he angry with me? Perhaps I should not have been so arrogant…

She could feel Mother standing next to her, but with every passing moment, Mother was slowly going out of focus. Right now, she was just a grey shadow, a grey shadow tossing its mane.

The sun was nowhere to be seen. There was just a touch of red in the sky. Had the sun forgotten to take his halo with him?

But where was He?

She whimpered. Mother was not visible at all now, though she could feel her heavy breathing. The earth was damp under her feet.

What happened to Mother? Why can’t I see her anymore?

The breeze was upon her shoulders and she began to feel cold. She moved closer to what seemed like Mother. Everything was still again, like it was in the afternoon. Only, there was no sun now.

Thrown into an inky darkness. Was life over already? She thought, for a moment, that she was back in Mother’s womb again.

Of course not! It was so warm and cosy in there. Here it is so dark..and cold..

She heard strange noises and rumbles that did not let her sleep. Fear was hanging from her throat, threatening to slit it if she opened her mouth. She crouched low, wrapped in the blanket of blackness that had descended upon her.

Who is this dark demon? He stole the sun and now, He is after my life!

Mother seemed to be fast asleep. Was she not caught in this mire, too?

Perhaps I’ve suddenly gone blind..

Shuddering at the thought, she tried to calm herself. Not a soul around to help, she was sure it was the end of the world. She let out a feeble cry and braced herself for the floods, the volcanoes, the meteor rains and the earthquakes that would soon follow. She thought of her life, one day old.

One day old and not a good deed to my name..why, I even got bored of the sun!

Trembling in the cold, she collected all the unsaid goodbyes. Poor sun, he deserved it the most.

What would I not do to see his bright face now?

She shut her eyes tight, trying to remember all the good days she had in Mother’s womb, and waited for Nemesis.


She could feel the earth shaking beneath her. Frantically, she opened her eyes, prepared for the worst. It was not an earthquake, only Mother, walking about.

There was the sun, shining down, as though nothing had ever happened!

He seems so cheerful for one who was kidnapped..

He smiled at her, blushing. He was redder and cooler than he had been.

She played her game again. This time he did not let her down. Tears rolled down her cheeks in happiness. She felt grateful for having been given another chance.

It was dawn, yet again, in the history of Life.


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