Rhyme and Reason!

Last night, I dreamt of a dog speaking in Telugu to me. He wanted to be my friend. Ahem, now that you know what kind of mental state I am in, you may proceed.

Ever since my uncle’s little one reeled off one nursery rhyme after another when they visited us last week, I have been thinking of my childhood…and the rhymes that we were taught. I remember quite clearly that kindergarten was a sorry state of affairs, at least for me. I regularly stood last in class, once scored a one on twenty-five in mathematics and was pathetic at drawing. All that did not affect me, however.

My only problem was with the rhymes. I have always been an acute feeler(:P..well, well!), and this is what my teachers taught me the very first day:

Jack and Jill went up the hill […]

And Jill came tumbling after…

I remember thinking, “Oh my god! Did she get hurt?”

Then came Humpty Dumpty, who could not be put together. Tragedy had struck big-time. As if this was not enough, they had this:

Oh dear, what can the matter be, oh dear,

What can the matter be,

Johnny’s so late at the fair…

My mind could only think of all the morbid things that could have happened to Johnny. And his wife singing sadly at home, waiting for his lilies and posies and of course, the blue ribbons. For a long time after that, I clung to my Appa like a leech as soon as he came home every evening, screaming, “It’s so nice to see you back home…Good thing you’re not lost!”

I also never understood the sarcasm in this one:

Where are you going to my pretty maid?…

I am going ‘a milking, sir, she said…

May I come with you, my pretty maid?…

Yes, if you please, sir, she said…

What is your fortune, my pretty maid?…

My face is my fortune, sir, she said…

Then I can marry you, my pretty maid…

Nobody asked you, sir, she said…

[Grammar check wants me to change ‘maid’ to ‘house-cleaner’, hehe!].

Imagine this rhyme with the curt reply, just after I was ticked off by the teacher for calling my neighbour a ‘mental’. Talk about double standards! Then came Little Bo-beep, who lost her sheep, and was advised to just leave them alone. Was that how you took care of your loved ones? What if they got into trouble?

My days were getting sadder, indeed. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when they promoted me to standard I (Don’t ask me how! Maybe my skills in learning by heart paid off!).

Rhymes were now relegated to the occasional rainy afternoon.

The sad memories never left me. I was scarred for life, with all the sadness they had fed me, in those tender years of mine.

So now you know why I am in this state of mind.

Peace be to all.

Life is beautiful.

Thanks for reading this!

[P.S: I was not that smart to actually understand those rhymes in KG…It is my mind trying to find an excuse for my para-normal behaviour. All this is a hypothetical projection of how I would felt, how I could have felt, that led to my present state. Now, that is smart! :-D].


2 thoughts on “Rhyme and Reason!

  1. My favorite rhyme was
    “Row Row Row a boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily
    Life is but a dream”

    I cannot claim that I understood what it meant though. But I used to keep singing “drim, drim, drim, drim”(dream) long after the rhyme was over.

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